How Can Dumpster Rental Help in Minimizing Construction Site Wastes?

If it’s time for a building to be demolished, it’s expected quite a great debris amount will be amassed. Can you do something to reduce the waste? With the help of having the right container, how can the waste be hauled up and disposed of? One of the best ways to minimize waste on construction sites is to rent a roll off dumpster Rochester MN. You can do more techniques for that as well. Here’s more of those in-depth tips you can apply to reduce your waste on construction sites: 

Choose deconstruction before demolition 

Instead of total demolition, other items can be recycled or reused by partially tearing them down. Items that can be salvaged or sold include windows, floor tiles, ceiling materials, and more. Deconstruction is a lot safer for the environment because fewer toxic substances tend to be elicited into the atmosphere. Also, less will be carried to a landfill since fewer materials will be used.  

Donate or reuse materials in good condition 

Aside from throwing all of your things in a dumpster, try to see if you can still reuse or donate them. You can donate or reuse your items if you’ve properly stored them and that they are still in tip-top shape. You can also save scrap wood if it’s still unstained. You may also inspect for any salvageable or reusable materials in your refuse piles.  

The organizations within your place will be glad to get such items off your hands especially when they are in great condition. Some of the materials you salvage may be appropriate as well to be reused for charitable organizations.   

Recycle materials if they cannot be reused 

In terms of materials that can’t be reused, get a recycle bin for every worker. You can make this your recycling technique to help minimize the amount of trash and waste items that will end up in the dumpster. In the dumpster, you can toss things like countertops, sinks, bathtubs, etc. Here are some of the recyclables that you can put in your recycle bins as well: 

  • Asphalt 
  • Bricks 
  • Cardboard 
  • Drywall 
  • Gravel 
  • Metallic objects 
  • Paper 
  • Plastics 
  • Roofing materials 
  • Untreated wood 
  • Window glass 

Rent a dumpster for unrecyclable waste 

This article has discussed reusing and recycling materials so far. However, if things cannot be recycled or reused, chances are you will be tossing them away for clearing. That is where a dumpster rental can greatly help. To ensure that the dumpster you’ll get is in the right size, you need to let the company know detailed information about your project. A reputable company can help you with this. By renting the right dumpster, you can save money, time, and labor.  

Have a plan to generate less waste 

As the project manager, you have to make adequate plans to generate less waste. Ensure that you just order what you need and that every material you’re about to use is measured appropriately. That way, you will know that’s needed. Come up with other recycling options and use bins on the construction site as well, and determine which stuffs can be reused. 

Best Indicators That your Dumpster Rental Company is Trustworthy

In terms of disposing of your waste properly, one of the best ways you can do this is to opt for quality dumpster rental services. It doesn’t matter if you want to clean your garage thoroughly or to remodel your house, utilizing a dumpster and working with a reputable dumpster rental company is the most affordable yet safest way to deal with waste disposal. For that, there are many companies available nowadays that you can choose from. But how would you know which one is reputable and can meet your needs?  

To help you with that, this article aims to provide some helpful tips that you can use as a guide to ensure that the dumpster rental company you work with is reputable. Keep on reading below to know more: 

Trusted members of the organization 

Make sure to know and research whether the organization members of your prospective company can be trusted. You can do so by looking up for them on legitimate directories, Google Maps, Yelp, Google Search, etc.  

You should also check their previous clients’ reviews as you look on these sites. Online reviews are simpler to find now compared to before. Pay close attention to claims and reviews that seem too good to be true because chances are they could be paid for and bought.  


They should be giving your straightforward and easy-to-read price. As much as possible, avoid companies that refuse to hold off on pricing and provide you an estimated cost. Regarding the details about expenses and fees, they have to be upfront. Never choose a firm that will not provide you a written agreement as well.  

Efficient service 

Quick pickup and delivery are among the most essential qualities that your chosen dumpster rental service provider should have. A good rental company must be fine with immediate requests for dumpster delivery and rentals. It would also be best if you plan beforehand, but within 2 days, they must be able to provide you a dumpster. Other companies even provide same-day services, so you can also check that out. Guarantee that your service provider can meet your needs if you’re planning to eliminate a lot of waste materials. This can help save both your time and money.  

An efficient way of disposing of waste 

It’s important to know where the companies dispose of the waste they get from their clients. So, you need to ask them about this and their background. One of the reasons why you should ask this is for recycling purposes. You would hate to know that your things only ended up thrown in a landfill when it does not need to. A legit company should be able to tell you the precise area where they will be dumping the waste. Regarding the size and types of your trash removal, they must also be able to assist you in choosing the ideal dumpster rental for you.   

Contact us today if you want to be assisted by the experts. 

Tips to Prevent Overage Fees in Dumpster Rental Services

Have you experienced renting a dumpster? Or are you looking forward to renting one in the future? In most cases and in the end, you’ll be paying for the amount you were quoted. But if you are not careful enough, you can be charged with overage fees from time to time. The container prices are usually determined based on the weight of the things you put inside. If you overfill the weight allowance or even exceed, you could be charged extra—recognized as a dumpster overage fee.  

Thankfully, you can prevent such unwanted surprises by planning carefully so that the ultimate bill that you were not ready for won’t be shocking. If you want to avoid those overage fees, take note of the following suggestions below: 

Select the correct size of the dumpster 

The dumpster size you should get must meet your particular requirements appropriately. A rental company that’s client-focused will assist you to know the ideal dumpster rental size you can use for your project. Never think of saving money by renting a smaller dumpster. Over time, you may wind up paying for more since a larger container would have been better in the first place.  

Never allow rain to get inside the dumpster 

Water can be heavy. If your dumpster is placed indoors and it storms a lot, make sure to do whatever you can to prevent rainwater from getting inside your dumpster. Here’s an alarming statistic: Normally, the garbage that weighs at least 600 pounds can weigh in excess of 1200 pounds if it becomes wet.  

Stay away from rentals that go long term if you can 

Weirdly enough, if you keep a dumpster for a longer time, the heavier it will get. As people walk by, it’s just a lot easier to throw things in there without thinking. Also, the longer the dumpster sits, it will be gathering rainwater as well, causing it to be heavier and costlier.  

Review all the policies of the company and understand them 

As you think about getting a dumpster rental service, guarantee that you have everything in writing. There shouldn’t be any unwanted surprises in terms of the schedule to get your rented dumpster hauled up. One of the best ways to prevent overage fees is to read the fine print and try to understand the basics, such as the following: 

  • Cost of the specific dumpster you opt for 
  • Real weight allowance 
  • For cost per ton and exceeding weight allowance 

Know what you can throw in your dumpster 

Before you begin to shove everything that you have into your dumpster or waste bin, keep in mind that too heavy objects can make you pay additional fees due to the additional weight. Hence, before you shove it into your bin, think about every piece carefully. You can either opt to recycle, sell, or donate as many materials as you can. Apart from that, your container may not be right for items, like paint, electronics, and other materials.