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Jim Gibson (951) 265-7866  jim@jgmxt.com




MXT Training Program

Jim Gibson's Moto Xcross Training provides a complete training program.

 Each class is designed to progressively teach the key techniques it takes to ride, race and win! 

I steer clear of the decoys and focus primarily on the simple yet profound skills

that it takes to master the art of motocross.


When you look at all champions, there is the one common thread  ...

the singleness of mind and the passion for perfection!



Key Riding Techniques

start with the basics of body position and progress at your pace!



Where else can you pass 40 riders in 3 seconds. Learn the Techniques it takes to get you the Holeshot consistently.



Precise Braking

Learn how to focus on this critical technique that is so often overlooked



Learn the techniques and timing it takes to corner like the top pro's




Is your jumping unpredictable? Take control of the jumps while maintaining speed. 




Take the whoops out of whoops. Isolate your technique options and learn to choose the fastest ones.


Line Selection and Passing

( Putting it all together )

Learn the approach that will help you find the best lines at virtually any track and to connect the track as a whole.





 Learn more about our training below and then Call Jim @ (951) 265-7811 to take the first step! 

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Jim Gibson

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