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Jim Gibson (951) 265-7866  jim@jgmxt.com



Schedule one on one training with Jim

at a time and place convenient for you.

Jim's Training is done in a patient & relaxed atmosphere while giving the student encouragement to help them learn the key riding techniques.


He can demonstrate by riding with you on his own bike, or by intently watching you from the side of the track, making sure you get the kind attention you need to succeed.

First Jim will teach you basic techniques and concepts, then he will help you to find "center", guiding you to the sweet spot on each technique.

He will also give you some home work by demonstrating some drills and exercises that you can practice on your own.

Between classes, you can spend as much time as you need bringing your skills to proficiency before your next class, or you can have Jim coach you through.

Jim's goal is for you to have a pleasant training experience realizing that we all don't learn best in exactly the same way.

PS "look forward to training with you"

Thanks, Jim


Jim has been providing some private sessions

for ex pro rugby player, Australian Brett Morrison.


"Thanks for your brilliant coaching, your years of experience, focus on technique and race drills have made me a far better rider.  Your ability to communicate and demonstrate techniques has made you one of the best coaches I have had the privilege to work with and as a former pro athlete I feel I`ve become a better athlete under your coaching.  I highly recommend you to every rider who wants to become a better faster rider."

Thanks again, Brett Morrison


I am available for private training 24/7, but week days are best.  I like to initiate training at the Lake Ellsinore tracks, during the week when it's less crowded.  They are open from daylight to dark every day and there is a track that will suit virtually anyone.  Later we can move to the tracks that will best provide improvement in their riding skills.

MXT Training

Contact us to schedule a time and track convenient for you.

Number of Riders
Rate per rider
per Hour

6hr Day / Per rider


2-3 Family




** Successive weekly training will be customized to meet each riders needs as he / she is introduced to new and advanced techniques.






 Learn more about our training below and then Call Jim @ (951) 698-9272 to take the first step! 

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Jim Gibson

(951) 265-7866


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