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Jim Gibson (951) 265-7866  jim@jgmxt.com



Jim trains with groups all over the world.  Classes are kept small (15 to 25 riders) to ensure each rider

 gets plenty of individual attention.  Jim's goal is for every rider in the class, to reach his or her

maximum potential for any given training session.

Jim held a "Group Training" session, at the new Milestone track. 

Check out a few shots! 

Looks like fun ... call to schedule your group session!


Jim Gibson ventured to Tahiti, Sep 17 - 22 2007 to conduct training with a wide range of riders. 

MXT trained kids, beginners, vets and even worked with the Tahitian motocross champions. 

Enjoy the images from one of the best tracks in Tahiti.  More photos!


Please contact us if you would like to see Jim have a school at your local or private track.
Semi-private training with your own group is also available.

Look on the "Calendar" page for Jim's schools in your area.





 Learn more about our training below and then Call Jim @ (951) 698-9272 to take the first step! 

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Jim Gibson

(951) 265-7866


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