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 5-Days of Motocross Training!


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Jim Gibson's Motocross Training  week long Camp provides a comprehensive training program that will educate the rider to the basic aspects in the life of a professional motocross racer.


By participating in many of the basic activities of a professional motocross racer through daily instruction, Professional seminars, and hands on applications, each rider will get the chance to experience first hand the routine and daily activities that a professional motocross racer is involved in.


Riding, and Techniques Training will be done at some of Southern California's more popular MX Tracks.


The week long camp program will be organized and on a schedule, yet presented in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. After all, we learn best when were having fun.


- 4 day camp is $1,500.00
- Private camp is $1,750.00
- Bike rental available, prices depend on availability, bike rental is extra






Jim Gibson Training with the riders

Training will be handled as a group but Jim will take time to give personal attention to each riders individual needs, each day. 

*All techniques training is performed personally by Jim Gibson.


  • 4 hours riding
  • 3 hours of Techniques training. * and 1 hour of free practice
  • 1 hour seminar MX related
  • Bike Maintanence (with how - to help)
  • Motorcycle Videos (training and entertainment)

    Professional instruction and demonstrations

    • Safety

    • Suspension setup

    • Mechanical

    • Basic gymnastics, Tumbling (how to fall)

    • Physical training (strength and cardio)

    • Nutrition

Riding at the Track   Jake Thompson giving suspension tips
Washing Bikes   Bike Maintanence
Working Out   Running
Gymnastics   Mechanical Instruction
Taking a break between moto's    



Jim Gibson

(951) 265-7866


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